Completing Site Work Requests Through Demolition

Aside from providing comprehensive excavation services at Hayes Excavating & Landscaping Services, we also accept demolition requests. Demolishing yards and construction sides can help contractors prepare and start their projects without obstacles.

Demolition Services

How Demolition Works

First, we inspect the structures before the demolition to identify potential safety hazards, such as the building's condition. After the inspection, we assist contractors in securing legal permits for local authorities.

Before demolishing the structure, any systems and services, such as electricity and water, are disconnected. It avoids any potential problems during demolition. Lastly, we will demolish the structure and excavate the land where it originally stood.

Let Us Demolish the Old Structures

If you have any existing structures in your yard or construction site, it's wise to get the help of a professional team that specializes in demolition work. To request our demolition services, please contact our specialists at Hayes Excavating & Landscaping Services.

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Hayes Grading and Demolition Services


We utilize cutting-edge grading techniques to level your land safely and efficiently, ensuring optimal drainage and a solid base for construction or landscaping.


We handle safe and efficient demolition of structures, sheds, and more, leaving a clean slate for your vision throughout Taylorsville and beyond.


We efficiently remove trees, brush, roots, and debris, prepping your site for development or fresh landscaping. Providing clearing services within a 50 mile radius of Taylorsville.

Land Clearing

We clear overgrown lots, remove trees, and level terrain for your new construction or development in Taylorsville and beyond.

Fence Install

We design and install beautiful and functional fences in Taylorsville, from wood and vinyl to iron and brick, creating privacy, security, and style for your property.

Selective Demo

Take down what you don't need, keep what you love in Taylorsville! We carefully dismantle or remove specific elements of structures, preserving desired features.